With Mary,

to bring the full role of the Holy Spirit

to the heart of the Church


With Mary,

to bring the full role of the Holy Spirit

to the heart of the Church

We work with Mary and the Holy Spirit to renew the Church and the world in the following ways:

1) A Personal Relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Abba/Father, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus:

We teach and help people to experience each of these persons in a deep, personal, and active way in their lives.

2) Renewal in the Holy Spirit through Baptism in the Spirit:

Pope Francis has said that prayer for baptism in the Spirit should be offered to everyone so that they can be renewed in the gift of the Holy Spirit. There is an urgency in the Church that we learn how to more fully work with the Holy Spirit, and live a lifestyle in union with the Spirit.  We need the Holy Spirit for union with God.  We need the Holy Spirit for inner transformation and growth in holiness.  We need the Holy Spirit for ministry that is empowered by the spiritual gifts for evangelization and service.  We need the Holy Spirit to be united, and to build strong communities of faith and prayer.

3) Building Strong Faith Communities:

Like the Jerusalem community in the Acts of the Apostles we develop communities that have a shared life of faith, prayer, and service, empowered by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:42-47; 4:23-37). It is extremely important in today’s world to develop a strong Catholic culture to counteract the negative values so prominent in our society/culture. We support the gifts of all cultures that are supportive to our Catholic faith.

4) Healing Ministry:

We believe in the authority we have in Jesus to bring God’s mercy, healing, and freedom to others. Many individuals and families need healing in body, mind and spirit to enter into their full inheritance of life in the Holy Spirit as children of God and co-heirs with Christ.  We experience Jesus continuing this healing ministry in our midst today.

5) Forming Individuals, Groups and Parishes as Missionary Disciples of Jesus, and Spirit-filled Evangelizers:

Pope Francis teaches us in the Joy of the Gospel that all Catholics are called to be missionary disciples of Jesus and Spirit-filled Evangelizers.  As Beloved Disciples we train people in the full life of discipleship, including being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We do not want to settle for less than fully alive, trained, and empowered Catholics.

6) Evangelizing Inactive Catholics and Non-Christians:

Many people have left the Catholic Church or are not very active. Many people do not know Jesus at all or the full truth of the Catholic faith.  We bring the Good News of Jesus, and the Catholic faith to them, trusting that the Holy Spirit will confirmed the proclamation of the Gospel with signs of God’s presence.

7) Youth and Young Adults on Fire for Jesus Christ:

We seek to work with youth and young adults: To know the faith well; to be on fire for Jesus Christ; and to become fully committed to the work of the Church.

8) Renewal of Family Life:

Many families are struggling in our society. Our ministry involves bringing healing and reconciliation in families; and renewing families by teaching, and modeling, Jesus’ holy/healthy ways of relating with other people.

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